PR 24×7

There is an old saying, “Advertising is what you pay for, but publicity is what you pray for!” Surely we can agree with this statement. Public relations today, has reached a point where it does far more than “just” pitching the media. They are the communicators, the listeners as well as storytellers. Along with that, they not only advocate for the brands but also for the people they serve.

It is important for the Public Relations officials to be an expert in creating authentic conversations with people after all as the definition suggests, PR prioritize in building a relationship between the brand and its market audience. PR professionals today need to know more than just how to write stories and press releases, event planning and facing media. They need to be more connected with social platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc, analyze the data and monitor feedback. PR officials should expertise in handling a wide variety of both good and bad situations and must address these events to maintain the beneficial relationship between the brand and its customers.

PR 24×7, one of the best and biggest PR firms in north India has taken several initiatives to upgrade its services.  The company not only remained steadfast in their core values but also relentlessly pursue growth to create opportunities for everyone in the company. Also, the company is continuously changing and making new innovations to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. Recently, they are running a program in digital marketing for their employees. 

Today, PR professionals have many tools to tell their story inside out. With the technologies, social channels and information available to them, the storytelling abilities and outreach have become more refined.  While non-digital PR is important but with the new age of digital evolution, the PR industries will need to continue to adapt to the digital trends.