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In the dynamic realm of public relations, the art of effective communication transcends the mere creation of press releases. It’s a multifaceted discipline that hinges on delivering real value to your audience, cultivating enduring relationships, engaging stakeholders, and masterfully weaving the narrative of your brand. Enter Arthur W. Page, a luminary in the world of public relations, who unveiled seven enduring principles that have redefined the practice of PR.

1. Tell the Truth: The Bedrock of Trust

At the heart of ethical public relations lies transparency. It’s about keeping the public well-informed and committed to providing an unvarnished portrayal of the company’s character, values, and actions. Truth is not just a policy; it’s the cornerstone upon which trust is built.

2. Prove It with Action: Actions Speak Louder

In the PR landscape, actions speak louder than words. Surprisingly, studies show that a staggering 90% of public perception is shaped by what an organization does, leaving a mere 10% influenced by what it says. PR professionals must meticulously align actions with promises to resonate authentically with their audience.

3. Listen to the Customer: The Pulse of Success

Understanding the desires and needs of the public is imperative to serve a company’s interests effectively. A deep comprehension of public sentiments concerning the company’s products, policies, and practices is indispensable. This knowledge must be continuously communicated to decision-makers and employees, fostering a culture of responsiveness.

4. Manage for Tomorrow: Preemptive Excellence

PR is not just about addressing current issues but also proactively mitigating potential difficulties. Anticipating public reactions and eliminating practices that could tarnish the company’s reputation is essential. This approach ensures the nurturing of goodwill over time.

5. Conduct PR as if the Whole Company Depends on It: Integral Management

PR is not an isolated function; it’s an integral aspect of organizational management. Every corporate strategy must be meticulously assessed for its implications on the public. PR professionals wield the capacity to guide various facets of corporate communication and should be seen as key policy influencers.

6. Realize that a Company’s True Character is Expressed by its People: Brand Ambassadors Matter

In the realm of public perception, the words and deeds of employees wield tremendous influence. Thus, every employee, whether active or retired, plays a role in PR. Corporate communications should empower and support each employee’s ability and desire to be a credible ambassador, both within and outside the organization.

7. Remain Calm, Patient, and Good-Humored: Navigating the Storm

In a world characterized by relentless news cycles and vigilant watchdog organizations, maintaining composure and a sense of humor can be challenging. However, building a foundation for PR success necessitates steady, informed, and consistent efforts in communication and relationship-building. When crises arise, cool-headedness is your best ally in effectively navigating turbulent waters.


Incorporating these timeless Page Principles into your PR strategy is not just a choice; it’s a commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and genuine engagement. Embracing these principles will not only fortify your organization’s reputation but also foster lasting relationships with your audience in an ever-evolving PR landscape.

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