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Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their online presence. Digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers and influencers and send press releases to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions and improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR involves gaining high-quality backlinks from websites and online publications and honest (hopefully good) customer reviews. Digital PR helps in reaching your targets by featuring your business on the websites they read, the podcasts they listen to and the social media accounts they love.

7 ways to Measure Digital PR Campaign Success

Though decision-makers need assurance that their brands’ PR investments will generate a good ROI, measuring PR results can be challenging. 

There has always been blurred lines and confusion as to what public relations (PR) is and how it’s activities impact a business. Its vital for any business to have clarity and understanding when it comes to online PR and, more importantly, how to measure the effectiveness and success of the PR campaigns.

With ongoing enhancements and evolutions in technology, everything is becoming more digitalised, and so is the PR industry. Online PR is rapidly emerging thus making measuring PR a lot easier than it used to be. The right digital placements will simultaneously increase domain authority, build the brand and increase SERPs visibility. There are many metrics and ways involved with digital PR, to measure the success of PR campaign.

Media Impressions

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

A metric for assessing your PR efforts is to calculate the number of media impressions and reach in a given period. Media impressions are the most important and broadly accepted way to measure the impact of PR. This can be done by multiplying the number of press coverages by the total circulation of the publication in which it appeared.

Impressions are frequently mistaken for reach. Reach indicates the number of unique people who consumed a piece of content whereas impressions count the total no. of how many times an individual has seen the post.  If a person reads a news article 10 times, the impression count on the article is 10, while its reach is one. Media impression is the first step in a process that ultimately leads to a sale, without it, no one would engage with your company or become a customer or client.

Brand Mention

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

Another metric for measuring the impact of a PR campaign is social media mentions. Mentions should focus on conversations about your brand, as well as social communities in your industry. 

In addition to tracking your organization’s name and its brand names, it is recommended to tracking the names of your organization’s top public-facing executives, competitors, company nicknames, common misspellings of names, as well as the famous industry keywords.

Keep in Mind This for brand Mention Report

Finding Brand mentions allows PR to amplify positive media mentions through other owned media, social media and other channels. Brand mentions, also allow organizations to strengthen their SEO.

Our media monitoring services accurately report which media outlets and social media users mentioned your brand and products.

Brand Engagement

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

Through social media reach you can get to know how big your audience is, but you can’t tell how many of them actually got engaged with your campaign. It is important to know whether your audience is engaging with your content or not. This can be measured by actions taken on the post by the users. Retweets, likes, comments, and shares are some common ways to measure the level of engagement. But they are not the only ones, there are various indicators of engagement. Like, positive or negative mentions, opening and reading of a mail or newsletter, views and clicks on advertisements, etc.

Brand engagement helps to identify whether the message is resonating with the target audience. It gives you a brief look at how your product or service is perceived by the users.

7 ways to Measure PR Campaign Success

Website Traffic

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

 Another way to determine the effectiveness of your PR campaign is to measure the amount of traffic your website receives before and after launching the program. Sales leads often come from calls-to-actions listed on your website, so analyzing spikes in site traffic can help answer whether your PR efforts are working out for you or not.

Getting published on high domain authority websites and generating those all-important backlinks to your website have a large influence to push your rank. It goes without saying that the higher you are ranked on Google, the higher traffic will come to your site.

ways to Measure PR Campaign Success


7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

A good backlink comes from a site with a high DA and is placed organically in content with relevant anchor text. The most important measure and outcome of online PR is acquiring links. Links are must to remain competitive and drive rankings. Both Do follow as well as No follow links are equally important for a website. 

Securing backlinks from a wide range of referring domains will ensure that you have a healthy backlink profile, which will, in turn, increase your domain authority score, allowing you to rank higher organically against competitors.

Domain authority

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

Getting a variety of high-quality links and improving your link profile is crucial to raising a website’s domain authority. The greater your website’s authority, the more likely you are to have strong traffic and rank better.

Both the quality and quantity of backlinks have a lasting effect on domain authority and domain rating. Traffic and links add to a website’s domain authority. DA has very little to do with backlinks and more to do with the quality of the content.

PR focuses on developing strong relationships with sites that have a high DA. If DA is increasing, PR efforts are succeeding.

Sales statistic

7 ways to Measure PR campaign Success

If you are running a campaign for your brand, measuring sales is the most important factor. There might not be an instant boost in your sales but you can certainly see a gradual change over time.

Measuring sales helps you to know the type of your target audience, their age, their gender, their geographical area, etc. All these factors should be considered in your campaign review because they have an ultimate and huge effect on sales.

Analysing Statistics of your sales gives you a direction of where, when, and to whom to serve with our campaign.

There are many more ways in which you can measure the impact and effectiveness of your PR campaign but amongst them, mentioned above are the most essential Metrics.

Measuring the effectiveness helps you to know what to avoid and what to take into consideration. Once you get to know the technique you can easily avoid the mistakes that happened before and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.