Mumbai, 5/5/21: The country’s leading public relations company ‘PR24x7’ has been awarded the ‘COVID Heroes Awards’ by the international award-winning media start-up Business Connect (BNC). The award has been organized to salute the selfless, outstanding performance of frontline warriors, communication professionals, and corporates in the midst of extreme hardships that arose from the epidemic. PR 24×7 was honored with the Special Excellence Award among the contenders from over 70 cities.

The award to PR 24×7 reflects a positive response to the lockdown, facilitating continuity in business through work from home, reaching out to affected communities, facilitating communication and helping people stay connected while distanced, promoting COVID awareness through unique initiatives, motivating industries with innovative business ideas and implementing ways to adapt during the lockdown period at home and outside.

At the award, Atul Malikram, founder of PR 24×7, expressed his gratitude to Business News Connect, saying, “It is the duty of not only corporates but every citizen to provide help in the best of one’s abilities during the pandemic. We have always been adherent to our corporate responsibilities. And at a time when almost all of us need each other, working selflessly should be a priority. And we have tried to achieve that extensively, and intend to stay committed to continue our efforts towards the same.

BN Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of The Connect series said that the main objective behind starting a series of COVID Heroes Awards is to bring forth to the nation the inspiring stories of individuals or corporates who have put in special efforts and have made extraordinary contributions during the pandemic. This award can be seen as a small initiative to inspire other businessmen, businesses, and citizens for the cause.

It is noteworthy that PR 24 x7 has been trying to bring positive changes in society through its various CSR activities over the course of several years. By connecting its employees with public welfare facilities, it has been effective in providing essential services to the backward and needy sections of society.

Biz News Connect has set itself up during lockdown to provide an independent news and opinions platform. It is noteworthy that, 6 of the 50 companies were independently selected by the BNC Jury, and PR 24×7 was one of them.