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Established in 1963, Panasonic Life Solutions India (formerly known as Anchor Electricals), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. With a constantly expanding product range and growing market share, it is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical construction materials with presence across India. Its sales and operating profit are steadily growing and it concluded the last financial year with net sales of nearly INR 34 billion. Being a prominent player in the Indian electrical segment, the company has about 35 domestic offices and 9500 employees.

Currently, the company’s 7 manufacturing units at 4 locations in India are manufacturing electrical appliances products, synonymous with quality. The company offers a wide spectrum of electrical solutions in consumer products ranging from Wires & Cables, Lighting, Solar power, Wiring Devices, Switchgears, Infrastructure and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Product Detail:

Ziva is a series of modular switches, sockets and accessories designed at an economical price range. Series is designed for long operational life & the switches are quality approved to 1 Lakh Operations. Raise the beauty of your homes by leaps and bounds with slim and sleek design plates which can be placed both horizontally and vertically, according to your choice.


  • The brand promises to last long with the launch of Ziva

  • The switches can be mounted both vertically & horizontally

  • Ziva has more Trendy, Young & Comfy look

  • Multiple mounting plate and designs available

  • Products are slim, sleek and elegant with Great aesthetic

Security features:

  • With longer operational life it becomes important that the product ensures security

  • No live part is exposed to fingers and can be accessible only through screwdriver

  • Protects against solid object larger than 12mm


Challenges that accompanied the pandemic COVID-19 is no new story for any brand or overall global economy. All brands faced unique challenges at different levels however the economic crisis was no different for any sector but communications, advertising & marketing companies faced the maximum brunt of the situation.

Few major challenges included:

  • Media houses were laying off or shutting their issues or offices

  • Work from home challenges

  • On-ground launch event could not be hosted

  • Pages and Supplements discontinued, space barriers were faced by media

  • Media largely reported on pandemic and crisis related to it, with limited spaces in the print publications

  • Media didn’t want to digitally participate especially in a session where 50 to 60 media people were invited

  • To manage regional media persons in the Webinar where 40 to 45 mins of the initial launch and session was conducted in the English language

PR Strategy:

PR Tool used: Open Webinar:

  • To organize the communication strategy for the brand and create a platform to connect the local and regional media across centers on behalf of the brand.

  • To ensure media attend the webinar and stays till the end so they get an opportunity to do open Q&A session for the brand.

  • Highlight the brand messaging and image through press release coverage and interactions done during the webinar.


The launch event was successfully completed with 57 media persons attending the event on Webinar.

  • The event was well covered by all media persons who attended the event in the print and digital issue of leading newspapers.

  • The news via press release was carried in almost all regional CAT A newspapers and wires

  • The campaign helped us in overcoming the media challenges faced majorly during COVID

  • Brand was able to create a lasting impact for the launch of new brand variant