About – VYRL

VYRL Originals is an artist first music platform which has been at the forefront of creating a category and culture.


Pav Dharia “Nahi Karna Viah” Song  was launched By VYRL Music


To Create Buzz about this song and actor


  • Reaching out to media  and explaining them the concept of the show
  • Arrange for interactions with the artist
  • Sell the concept of the Song and idea behind the campaign
  • To ensure media covers the campaign
  • Continuous follow-ups

PR Tool used: Press Release & Artist interactions

  • The campaign was delivered by a Press Conference to the media
  • However the press Conference was followed with artist interactions
  • The new talent also addressed the concerns and stigma’s of our society today
  • Q&A with media


  • The campaign was well received by the media
  • All top newspapers covered the campaign
  • One of the Successful launch with 7 Million plus Views on this song campaign that garnered maximum media interest