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About – Gramophone – It’s Madhya Pradesh based service provider, agro sector company. The company updates the farmer with the latest information, technology, and kind of information to yield the best result in farming. 

Challenges – Lack of awareness within the media fraternity as it was a new startup, Without media recognition, it became tough for the client to build trust on farmers, convince and connect them with their unique idea. 

PR Strategy – Organised Seminars in different villages, agriculture colleges, and towns, to make a direct reach to farmers.

To understand the media’s needs, create convincing articles to grab their attention as well as satisfy the client. 

Result – Many farmers installed the application in their smartphones in no time just after a few published coverages. 

  • 5000 farmers installed the app in their smartphones in a day after reading the news in some of the leading newspapers. 
  • The company listed in Forbes India magazine twice. 
  • The company was one of the five winner of the startup India – WhatsApp Grand Challenge 2019 as well. 
  • The company has worked with more than 80,000 farmers since inception, currently claims to receive 300 missed calls a day on an average, accounting for almost 80 percent of its inbound queries.