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If you go back in the past, you can see how far digitalization has upended and impacted the day-to-day life of humans. Apparently, the internet has been one of the sole reasons behind transforming the marketing techniques for brands. In current times, we have seen it that more often than not, brands using digital mediums have some great deals and their audience interface is much better. With a wide range of networks, it is manually not possible for the brands to keep a track of what kind of news is circulating about them on digital mediums and social media. Here’s where media monitoring comes into the play. Monitoring not only helps a brand to keep a track of its news, but it also gives them a picture of the industry and its direct competitors. One can say that the significance of media monitoring has increased drastically in the recent past.

What is media monitoring

Before venturing into the core of media monitoring, let’s see what media monitoring is. In simple terms, media monitoring is a necessary tool for public relations and media intelligence for any brand. In simple terms, it is analyzing and identifying news contents with specific keywords, content, and topic.

The ongoing pandemic has not only affected several lives but also the business sector, bringing the world economy at its all-time lowest. At these times, when people are prisoned in their homes, the companies are finding it difficult to track and analyze the news contents involving them or their respective sectors, which are affecting their brand campaigns and marketing strategies. It is like standing at an intersecting path and not understanding where to go. Having a Media Monitoring Service Partner will help you get a daily report of all the news contents- both from traditional media including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc, and social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online platforms, etc. Media monitoring experts/agencies have several tools on their shelves, which help them track the news they are searching for.

Why is brand monitoring a powerful tool to have?

These days, we do most of the brand campaigns and initiatives through online media and social media.  Monitoring experts have to use tools to track keywords on social media, blogs, news portals, etc. Brand monitoring is also used in finding and identifying influencers, analyzing your competitors, and developments in the industry. It allows your brand to monetize on press opportunities and help you gain public insights and needs. Brands also in today’s day and age try to engage with more bloggers/influencers via partnerships and sponsorships to talk about the brand and its products/ service. Brands also share relevant keywords with the influencers, so they speak or talk about your brand or relevant topics surrounding your brand. They can help you find your competitors and their ongoing initiatives.  

Brand monitoring allows you to track what the public is saying on the internet about a brand or company in all forms of media including blogs, twitter, ‘complaint’ sites, forums, video sharing platforms like YouTube, and social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.  It also involves monitoring trending hashtags relevant to your brand. So, if you are looking for trending debates or discussions monitoring the hashtag streams can take you there. It is best to monitor all the different media as widely as possible to keep a close eye on the media intelligence circulating about your brand and competitors.

The onslaught of this pandemic reminds us of the phrase, ‘survival of the fittest’, from the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin.  With the economy shattered, the companies are fighting for their survival. In this stiff competition, media monitoring can be an influential tool for companies to stay in the market.