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BAJA SAEINDIA is an educational pursuit for the engineering college students, an out-of-classroom-education system, where engineering students can participate as a team, giving them pragmatic exposure to real-world challenges as faced in the industry. It is an inter-college design competition of electric vehicles organised by the society of automotive engineers (SAE )under the sponsorship of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Mahindra Baja has two parts eBAJA (electric) and mBAJA (mechanic).  It serves as a platform for young mechanical engineers to showcase their skills and acquire a real-life experience. Every year it takes place in Pithampur, near Indore.


 It has been 10 years since we are covering this event.

  • To make the public aware of the event through media coverage. 
  • Managing media from three different regions has been the most challenging part of the entire event.
  •  Media were to be managed in accordance with the time. Convincing media to come at 6 a.m daily was an arduous task. Also compelling them to come on Sunday was also backbreaking.
  • Earlier a separate track was provided to media to shoot the live tracks but this year media is given the different spots to shoot so that no unwelcome people can enter.
  • On ground media management and ensuring that the legitimate information is conveyed.
  • Client satisfaction has always been an inevitable challenge.
  • Maintaining records of the students throughout the event.
  • Releasing coverage punctually.

PR Strategy

  • We strive to cover all the insights of the event from the day it was announced to the grand finale day and make it available to the target audience through various publications.

The whole event is bind-up with three Slots:

  • 1st takes place in Oct-Nov, where the event is announced.
  • 2nd  press conference is held in January where the finale is inaugurated.
  • And the 3rd- the final one is on Last Sunday of January, where the results are declared and the winner is announced.

The media then sums up by taking the interview of the winner asking the winning team their journey and experience of Mahindra Baja.

The result

Over the years BAJA has grown in popularity and has become a bigger event nationally.


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