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If public relations is a bridge between a brand and its audience, then public relations professionals are the bridge builders. For many professionals in the PR industry, it is a very exciting time. Social networking is growing day by day and there are plenty of opportunities for those who can take action.

But, like any sector, PR too, has some ground rules that set up the foundation of a good PR. These rules set in motion the quality and effectiveness of your PR campaigns.

Listed below are 5 unspoken rules that everyone should know.

1. Be Prepared Always

In PR, you need to be active and prepared for anything and everything. In the current times, the non-stop news cycle requires content that is fresh and relevant to make an impact. Always remember, the time factor plays a very important role in PR.

2. Know what is your News

Before disseminating any news or planning any campaign, you need to understand the nature of the news. What the news is about, and how it will impact the public, are some of the questions you should know about. This is of vital importance to anyone who wants to understand, execute and exploit the power of public relations.

3. Use your creativity

Brands need PR to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to engage with the audience in new ways. Creativity is an important aspect of PR. Whether it is campaigning, event planning, content writing, or using social media, you need creative ideas to attract the attention of your audience. Always take the time to consider your branding and values then think about how you can promote them throughout your campaign.

4. Embrace social listening

Social listening allows PR to quickly identify any conversations that are being associated with their brands. This helps them to respond quickly, and effectively to minimize the potential crisis.

5. Be prepared for a crisis

A crisis is inevitable in PR. PR practitioners need to work quickly and effectively to minimize the damage and highlight the brand in a positive light.