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‘With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts’

–Eleanor Roosevelt

And how untrue do you think this statement is? Change is the only thing that is constant. A shift in the industry from mainstream to regional post COVID-19 is the change that we are referring to in the statement here.

Past 8 months have been a nightmare for the global economy and most businesses; all businesses at some point are suffering and facing the brunt of the Chinese Disease that spread like a wildfire across the globe. However specific industries, especially in the service sector, have got a huge hit, yet a few are keeping their spirits up for a positive day. Similar economic slowdown has impacted the PR industry as well, where large corporate, FMCG Conglomerates & Business Giants have seen plunging budgets spent. The budget allocation for brand building and public relations has been a major cause of chaos since the commencement of lockdown.

Hence there is a possible mileage for growth of the Regional PR industry in the country. On an average, the Regional PR Industry could be pegged at about 8 to 10 Crore industry overall. However, the changing dynamics of the industry are more focused on potential regional outreach that will create more relevance to the people in and around the surrounding. With COVID-19 conditions this year has also observed multiple budding entrepreneurs in the country, especially from tier 2 & 3 cities. The natures of these businesses primarily demand local and regional outreach so that the businesses could gain some visibility in the surrounding with amplification and feedback. 

Understanding over 40% population in India is uneducated or 70% public have lesser understanding of the English language and with most people working in Metro Cities migrating back to their hometowns there has been a huge shift in the audience’s interest that Mainline newspapers were catering to. However, remaining up to date with News, Health Trends and updates is still of high importance and that’s where regional PR comes into play. Regional PR craters the audience in specific regions and typical interests. 

Regional PR agencies are being considered as serious competitors in the race by national PR agencies. Survival of National PR agency in the current situation has become a serious challenge whereas it has come as an opportunity for Regional PR. PR is ideally the best tool to be used for mass communication with less spends however marketing your business through advertisement digs a hole in the pocket. To create maximum impact, interest and outreach with cost-effective resources Regional PR could be a game changer.  However, stingers working on assignment basis work of National PR agencies have faced the maximum impact of the pandemic, as the National agencies were bound with budgets and in vague multitasking had taken on the regional media outreach from headquarters.

However, at this point we have surpassed the pandemic phase and have got back to the economic generating activities. While there is still a glitch of getting back to metros and living a cluttered life, most entrepreneurs still have a huge scope of entering the market and capturing it, such businesses work as an added advantage to the work model for Regional PR agencies and create a huge growing market for PR start-ups.

However, National agencies will still exist; Regional PR will play a major role or be a game changer in the economic transformation of the overall PR Industry.

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