In today’s age communications plays one of the most vital roles in building or destroying a brand’s image. However it is equally true that to create connections with the right audience and to drive a better consumer connection, it is crucial to connect with people in their most preferred mode. 

The business of communications is completely dependent on how the audience ultimately perceives your brand and how it is positioned in the market. Most commonly brands engage in the business of communications by hiring a communication consultant in-house or outsourcing it to an agency. Where on one hand we understand that articles/interviews/brochures/advertisements are key modes or publishing a brand image, on the other hand for fruitful and consistent, and concise communications brands usually use press release as one of the most effective modes of communication.

With changing times and scenarios it is of utmost importance that brands compelle themselves to build brand connectivity with its audience at ground level. The people love and relate more to their individual caste, language and culture and if the brands that serve them day in and day out communicate with its audience in that particular language there can be nothing more impactful and engaging than that. 

Nowadays brands are not only focusing to draw their consumer’s interest in local communication but to engage they are also choosing to hire local celebrities and influencers. Even the most powerful brands ultimately sell either due to their quality or because of the market positioning/stake that the brand holds.

For consumers to buy from the company, they first need to know the presence of the company and what it is selling. Advertising and promotion strategies are formulated to reach as many potential customers as possible and tell them what the company has to offer. And when this set of communication happens in the language that is best understood by the audience it adds more weightage and value for the brand, ultimately making a productive impact on the sales.

To be successful, the company must not only have a good understanding of what demographic groups are most likely to become customers but also what is the basic demand and spending capacity of its audience, and apply marketing expenditures to the media that serve these groups. Repetition is part of creating brand awareness. If the customer sees the communication from the company multiple times, there is a higher chance of making the leap in the sales.

Regional press release inclusion is not only a mode of interacting or engaging with the end customers but it is also a brilliant mode of creating more awareness and reaching the maximum number of possible potential customers. Especially the case in a country like India where the length and breadth of the country cater to multiple sets of languages and with limitations in terms of educated masses the best way of creating mass outreach is to cater to these multiple languages. A press release is one of the most authentic, truthful, trusted, impactful pieces of communication done by any brand which not only has the product/service elaboration but brand spokesperson image on the stake as well. Hence, it has the maximum value in terms of authenticity for any brand. However, in this digital age the importance of traditional modes of communications are dying out tremendously but still the frame can change but not the information. People may be gradually moving from traditional press releases to digital press releases but anticipating the proximity of time all digital platforms are also becoming multilingual to cater to their segmented audience, which will ultimately be of benefit to the brand.

Summing the importance of regional press release inclusion in communication strategy. The idealistic thought in mind that conveys is reach, awareness, amplification and sales everything is important but with impactful communication, none can build a brand positioning/image. Similarly, to create maximum outreach and connect with the segmented and target audience communicating with them in their preferred mode is the easiest way to connect and inform hence serving all 22 languages spoken in the country we need to build a brand with local engagement rather than just National presence and National engagement.