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Today, most companies check the experience of the candidates before hiring them. The reality of the modern job market requires students to have more than a University degree to be hired as full-time employees.

As a young professional, there is often an issue that arises when you’re looking to start your career – the lack of experience and industry exposure. Internships help in bridging the gap between education and careers.

Internships at PR agencies give students a number of skills that they can’t learn elsewhere. This solidifies their CV, and ensures they master the skills needed to perform in this industry and earn themselves an edge when it comes to finding employment in the future.

PR internships allow students to get early experience and a foot in the door of the industry. You might even be able to work on some projects that will be featured by relevant publications.

Before going into depth, let’s understand PR internships.

PR interns work closely with the PR manager and assist with creating engaging content, writing media releases, scheduling PR events, conducting research, Communicating and building relationships with current or prospective clients, and much more. The internship will you gain visibility into the inner workings and aspects of the public relations field, provide concrete deliverables, and help you learn from top to bottom.

Benefits of PR internships

Internships can be a bit intimidating for those who have just stepped into the professional world. It becomes more difficult for a PR company, where the clients and workload may become unpredictable. But, it’s said sweetest victory comes after the hardest battles, and interning at a PR agency might take you one step higher toward your career goals.

Build your multitasking skills

Multitasking and time management skills are the top priority of many employers. Top PR agencies work in a fast-paced work environment. Oftentimes, interns might find themselves managing multiple tasks for different clients at once. Some of those tasks are time-sensitive and need urgent care while others may be time-consuming. Initially, you may struggle to balance everything- but as time passes you will learn how to manage everything at once. 

Boost your industry knowledge

Internships allow you to work under experienced professionals whom you can look up to and who will mentor you throughout your internship period. You might not be directly involved with many of the tasks they’re working on, but you can still get an overview of the different PR procedures—from the making of a company announcement to formulating a pitch, and from securing an interview to garnering the coverage after the article is published.

Expand your network of professional contacts

Network building is an important aspect of Public Relations. While an internship might not turn into a job, it helps you develop a network of professionals who may help you in the future.   

Application of your knowledge and develop real-world experience

An internship allows you to use your knowledge and skills in the practical field. If you can prove yourself in small ways, your seniors might give you a chance to do something bigger. As you gain experience, you start developing relevant skills and expertise. The more skills and expertise you have, the more valuable you are to an organization.

How to get a communications internship?

Working in a communication agency as an intern will give you lots of opportunities. It will help you gain valuable experiences, giving you a real taste of what it’ll be like to work in communications down the line. You’ll meet potential mentors learn communications trade secrets, and build relationships with coworkers with a range of expertise. It will be a cherry on the cake if you land paid communications internship!

Tips for your resume and profiles

Before sending out your resumes, make sure you have filled out all the necessary details. With complete profile details, landing an internship at a PR agency is more attainable than ever. Professionals with complete profiles that clearly show their passion for their work are more likely to be hired than those who lack this information.

Types of Communication Internships

Communication is a broad subject, so the internships will be more specific in the type of communication that you want to do. 

  • Marketing communications
  • Political communications
  • Social Media communications
  • Public relations internship
  • Content marketing internship
  • Copywriting internship