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Demand for regional content is growing in India just like its population. Engagement and content go parallel.

India, a land of diversity, a multilingual country, where the water doth changed every two miles and dialect every four, don’t be shocked if I say that more than 19,500 languages are spoken in India as a mother tongue as it’s a fact.

When one doesn’t compromise with their outfits, their food so then why with their language? Eventually, It’s a matter of one’s comfort zone. As the PR industry is evolving with time, it understands the public concern and therefore most Public Relations companies emphasize Regional PR to be in the race.

People connect to something when they find it relevant. A company’s campaigns are best understood by studying the structure of its consumers’ engagement. 

Creating and distributing valuable, regional and consistent content attracts and sustains a defined audience thus leading to a profitable customer action for the long term. 

Regional content gives you better uptake in terms of engagement. Consumers always prefer to consume content in their preferred language.

A few years back Facebook changed its login page script to Hindi which startled the users. Followed by Facebook, the US-based visual discovery tool Pinterest launched a Hindi version, allowing users of India to use the translated version. 

Catering to internet users in tier II and III towns, Google is now focusing to enlarge the usage of its products like Google maps in vernacular language, majorly Hindi.

As a result, all global social media sites have realized that without using regional content they may soon lose relevance in countries, especially like India.

According to the studies, regional content availability can boost the growth of the internet in India by 24%. 

There are over 70,000 newspapers that are being printed in India and around 90% of them are either in Hindi or other regional languages. 

Conceiving the importance of regional content, app developers of India have also realized the need for local app distribution platforms. 

When you showcase your brand in a regional language, you attract more people appealing to their emotional quotient and consequently you rule the market. 

International food brands like McDonald’s and KFC involve their team members at an early stage of product development, ensuring that they adapt the most effective marketing strategies to each and every individual culture where their campaigns are rolled out.

Their in-country translation and localization teams ensure that the content strikes the right note in each country. Therefore, localization of content has now become an integral part of the creation process for any brand. Turning your brand to a regional one can add great value and can be crucial to the success of a national or global brand campaign.

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