Indore, February 2021: Women are worshipped in our country as goddess Lakshmi. It is true that amongst the backward class giving birth to a girl child is still taboo but in most advanced cases the birth of a girl child is considered to be lucky as the goddess Lakshmi is the god that empowers money and strength. Embarrassing womanhood and ensuring the safety of the female employees PR 24×7 one of the leading PR agencies in North India has constituted a Women Harassment Committee. Keeping in mind the pros-cons, advantages–disadvantages, bullying & molestation women might have to face in times like these, this committee will look after all such complaints and take every constructive step to safeguard the female employees in the office and its premises.

Women have been entitled to inequality since birth but stating that their status will remain the same will be an injustice to their womanhood. Women today are taking every possible step to walk shoulder-to-shoulder to match the needs of a household with men and saluting their spirit of competitiveness we at PR 24×7 are obliged to be a 60% female-driven organization. But looking at the outer world and the drastic increase in the number of reported cases of exploitation and molestation taking care of female employees and their safety is the top-most need of the hour.

Commenting on the formation of the committee Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, of PR 24×7 in a statement said; “Today women are working brilliantly whether it is from Office, Work-from-home, working remotely or even while traveling. The sense of growth and professionalism has grown amongst women with every passing day. But their safety at work or while traveling to work has been a question mark and will remain until we don’t unite and take a step for the betterment of the same. Any kind of result is an outcome of small steps, one of the leading firms in India is taking these small steps to encourage and empower our female workforce. The constituted Women Harassment Committee consist of 7 senior employees of the organization including lawyer Ekta Sharma, who will be taking care of the legal aspects of the committee and its rules and regulations.”

Keeping in mind the safety of women, many small and big laws have been enacted by the government of India to protect women and their rights. However, despite these laws and amendments by the government, the case of molestation and exploitation against women are increasing day by day. However, it’s time to raise an alarm and talk about women, their safety, and concerns both in society and at work both government and society have to come together and find solutions for their safety. PR 24×7 has taken one step to support this initiative and encourage society to also support it.