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The rate with which pollution is increasing around the world and in our country is indeed a matter of concern. The voracious use of natural resources is the main reason for the pollution of air, water, and soil. Residues of plastic lying in every corner are a major reason for the decrease in soil fertility, and therefore, reduce the soil yield. Before the potential of the land is exhausted completely, everyone should be aware of its prevention. Moreover, we should make our new generation aware of reality and its consequences. Keeping this paramount, on this Independence Day, India’s leading PR organization, PR 24×7 is running a #NoPlasticFlag campaign, which aims to encourage the citizens of the country to use cloth and paper flags instead of plastic ones to stop the usage of plastics.

According to Atul Malikram, the founder of PR 24×7, “It is seen that a large quantity of plastic-made flags is sold before Independence Day and Republic Day, but soon after a few hours of patriotism, the flags are found lying on the streets like dust. When will this fake show of patriotism end? On such auspicious festivals, does it suit the citizens to pollute the country in the name of patriotism? Under the #NoPlasticFlag campaign, our company representatives from all 68 cities, will collect the flags lying on the streets from 9 am to 11 am on 15th August, and at the same time, the public will be made aware of the detrimental effect plastic flags have on the environment.

Independence Day, say ‘No’ to plastic flags and ‘Yes’ to true patriotism.


If we are true patriots, then we have to understand the spirit of our country and the importance of nature. Not only plastic flags, but we should also stop using plastic bags. If the netizens stop using plastic, then its manufacturing will be stopped. This will prove to be effective in conserving the environment and saving animals and plants from being harmed. Join the #NoPlasticFlag campaign of PR 24×7 to spread awareness of the harmful effects of plastic waste. So this Independence Day, say ‘No’ to plastic flags and ‘Yes’ to true patriotism.