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PR 24×7, one of the leading public relations firms of the nation has once again proved that even amidst the storms one should work hard to carve a path to a bright day. Known for its out of box ideas and determination to do something better, the company has reached another level of achievement. PR 24×7 Top online pr agency has started a new initiative, a virtual learning series, Manthan, which is being organized every Friday for all its employees where learned and experienced guests from various fields are invited to share their experiences. The learning sessions aimed to educate the employees in various fields with a vision to do something better not only for oneself but for others as well.

According to Atul Malikram, “It is very important for every employee working in the company to have a thorough knowledge of each field because, in this new era where everything is changing so frequently, you never know what you may come across. Having proper knowledge of different sectors will help you grow not only in your career but also on an individual level. Therefore, the institution considers it its duty to provide opportunities to all its employees to gain mastery in various fields which are being rendered through Manthan.” So far, 15 sessions have been conducted in this Manthan series, in which all the employees have participated enthusiastically and won the hearts of the guests.

Sessions were done on various subjects of Public relations like media relations, content creation, media monitoring, crisis management, print and online etc. Other than these, there were also sessions on how to work better in difficult times,  work-life balance, how to work efficiently in work from home, saving and investments, and personality growth was arranged for the employees.

Top players of their respective fields like Founder and Leadership Trainer of Step Learning – Sanil Rao, Senior Manager of KVP – Anil Jain, Managing Director of ASB Communications – Brij Kishore, Mrs. Central India – Archana Prasad, Retired Senior VP of Ad Factor PR- Atul Takle, Consultants and trainers – Mayank Batra, Happiness Coach – doctors like Jeetendra Jain were invited as guests to share their knowledge and experience. Question- answers sessions were also arranged where the guests answered the questions and curiosities of the attendees.

The organization will continue to conduct the Manthan series in the upcoming future for the benefit of its employees so that they can create a better future for themselves.