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Media monitoring: everything you need to know explained !!

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Here is your morning tea & today’s newspaper. You’re going to take the first sip but what, you dropped the cup instead. A cold shiver runs down your spine as you read the newspaper. Millions of thoughts & questions rush through your mind because you know it’s not a nightmare but a real-time fear that you can’t escape. We named it crisis.

Crisis Scares almost every business. Yet, you can take a safe ride in the world of business if you know the solution. Media monitoring is your solution. It helps you to manage how your brand is portrayed by media, helps to cultivate your brand awareness and measure the PR effect that gives you an idea to create a strategic road-map for your organization to achieve its long term goal. The field of Media Monitoring is exceptionally vast and ever-expanding, with the help of this blog you will get detailed information. So let’s delve into it without any delay.

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What is Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is the process of watching, reading and listening to the editorial content of media sources regularly. In other words, It’s a service that keeps an eye on media 24×7. It monitors any piece of news that relates to or affects a brand. Media Monitoring Company helps a brand to stay up to date with the latest trends without using much of his resources.

Types of Media Monitoring

Media monitoring has evolved enormously over the years with the change in media. It monitors across all the relevant platforms as Traditional, digital, social, etc. Traditional Media Monitoring – One can’t deny the influence of Traditional journalism, so the Monitoring. Media Monitoring agency monitor editorial content published in newspapers, & magazines. Online and Social Media Monitoring – Checking millions of websites and watching what goes on across the media is part of social Media Monitoring. Media monitoring experts keep their eyes on every single detail so that any important conversation related to the brand doesn’t go missing. Broadcast Media Monitoring – TV channels and Radio plays a crucial role in the world of Monitoring. Monitoring experts need to listen to what is aired on National, International, local or regional channels in which the Client’s concern involved.

History of Media Monitoring

George Washington, the first president of the United States of America (1789 – 1797), has discovered the Media Monitoring around 229 years ago. Washington used to monitor the newspapers to find out what’s the fellow citizens’ were talking about him. The world’s first Media Monitoring Company founded in 1852 in London by a newsagent named Romeike. The idea of media monitoring spreads by the 1940s. Press clipping agencies and services around the world began experimenting with audio and video recorders to monitor radio and television broadcasts by the 1960s. The Internet becomes the catalyst for change within many industries as well as media monitoring. With the birth and growth of social media in recent years, social media monitoring also comes in demand.

How does Media Monitoring Works?

As we know that media evolved with time and so did the media monitoring, the monitoring method is different in different platforms but with the one objective to track and capture the content that has mentions to a particular topic, brand, product or person.

Let’s discuss the methods Traditional Media Monitoring – It’s a manual process term as a news clipping. It requires people to scan newspapers, magazines, books, journals to discover any mentioned topic about or related to the concerning brand or an individual, then clip the articles and archive them on a folder.

Broadcast Media Monitoring: Media Monitoring persons’ needs to watch TV and listen to the radio to record any relevant content on tapes.

Online or Digital Media Monitoring: Social listening is essential to survive in the digital age, the process has become greatly simplified and automated as there are many tools available for keyword research and analysis. Internet boats intelligently scan enormous amounts of the content in online media such as Social Networks, websites, and portals and provide you with insights about your brand’s reputation.

Why do you need Media Monitoring

You talk a lot about your brand but do you listen to peoples’ reactions? Without being a great listener you won’t be able to make a place in the audience’s heart and make a stronghold in the market. Media Monitoring Company works as eyes and ears for your brand. Monitoring persons’ are great listeners who listen to everything that your competitors, the audience and the others talk about you and your brand. It enables deeper insights so that you can better your mapping campaigns to specific business objectives that resonate with your customers too.

Monitoring helps you in

  • Giving you clarity that you’re delivering the right message or not.
  • It alerts you to prevent a crisis or cut down on response.
  • Know the key topics within your industry and improve the message you want to deliver.
  • Know the competitors’ strategy and their talks.
  • Identify relevant trends in your industry as they crop up.
  • Adjust and Plan your future campaigns, according to your audience’s reactions and responses.
  • Know the influencer who has a great impact on your brand.

Face the crisis with Media Monitoring

Reputation takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to recover, that’s the reason every business fears from a crisis, It’s also the truth that crisis stack almost every business, one can prevent or cover up the risk if his knowledge is up to date. With the help of media monitoring, you can deduct the crisis at an early-stage, plan the management and respond to it as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your brand’s reputation in a calm way. In other words, We can say that a tricky crisis becomes manageable with the help of media monitoring.

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Information is everything in the world of business. Factors like brand reputation, customer insights, customer feedback, negative publications, endorsements, negative reviews affect the performance of your business. Media Monitoring comes as a rescuer and is a magic wand of business intelligence that awakes you, alerts you and helps you to make better decisions. Hence, You have a more precise image of the offline and online presence of your business.

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