About – Sony SAB

Sony SAB was launched as SAB TV by the Sri Adhikari Brothers on 23 April 1999. At first, it was launched as a Hindi-language comedy channel. Sony Pictures Networks took over SAB TV in March 2005 and rebranded it as Sony SAB, with a new focus on general entertainment and eventually turning itself into a youth channel. In 2008,

Sony SAB changed its appeal to being a Hindi-language generalist network.


Sony SAB set to challenge gender stereotypes with its latest campaign – Sapno Ka Koi Gender Nahi Hota.


The channel launched the campaign to introduce their upcoming show ‘Kateelal & Sons’. A story about the two sisters taking up their fathers business of running a local men’s hair salon in Rohtak. Were on one hand their father believes that such professions are not meant for women while the daughters are adamant on taking the business to new heights.

The show aims to celebrate Womanhood and that in today’s day and age there is no difference between men and women professionally. What can be achieved and done by men can be done equally well by women as well


  • Reaching out to media and explaining to them the concept of the show

  • Arrange for interactions with the artist

  • Sell the concept of the story and idea behind the campaign

  • To ensure media covers the campaign

  • Continuous follow-ups

PR Strategy

PR Tool used: Press Release & Artist interactions

  • The campaign was delivered by a press release to the media

  • However, the press release was followed with artist interactions

  • The new talent also addressed the concerns and stigma’s of our society today

  • Q&A with media


  • The campaign was well received by the media

  • All top newspapers covered the campaign

  • One of the first Sony SAB’s campaigns that garnered maximum media interest





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