Planning & Strategy Development

In this ever changing world, it is no longer enough to know how to do things. In fact, it is essential to have a proper guideline to know what to do, why and how to evaluate its effectiveness. Strategic planning is about deciding what and how it wants to achieve its objective. Efficiency of public relations is thoroughly based on solid and consistent action. Strategies in PR includes communication, preemptive action, offensive and defensive responses, rectifying behavior, strategic inaction etc.

Analysis of Market

One can ask, given the fluctuation and inconsistency in PR field what is the point of Planning and strategy. But, most of the time, people need a proper direction and seek a level of order that has some predictability over it. Having a sense of work is what most people want and which help them to prioritize and frame work. Strategy is the heart of planning in public relations. One of the component upon which strategic planning is based is creativity. Before putting together a plan to be effective, creative ideas are needed. Too many campaigns never make give expected results because they are mostly built on novelty rather than practicality. In this competitive world, all are having the same target markets and audiences and therefore it is a mandatory requirement to have a proper plan and strategy for successful endeavors.

How we provide services

  • Situation Analyses As public relations professional, we study about the organization so that we can have a accurate understanding of our clients to develop a proper strategic plan.
  • In time of Planning, we explore all the problems, challenges and opportunities that will benefit our client
  • After analyzing, we set our objectives and deadline accordingly
  • To achieve our target, we plan various media opportunities like planning special and exclusive stories for top publications or planning a press meet or even interviews ( telephonic, emails, one on one)
  • We expertise in providing top quality service and that too in the given deadline
  • We are available 24x7 in 365 days because of which our client can contact us anytime in urgency

What's your benefit

  • Client satisfaction is always our primary concern no matter what.
  • We expertise in enhancing the relationship between media and the brand.
  • Strengthen and built brand awareness
  • Specialize in crisis management
  • Along with Tier I and Tier II, we have a strong presence of network in Tier III markets as well.

Crisis Management

The reputation of a brand defines its credibility to the customers and clients. Crisis Management comes to play when a brand faces financial or reputation crisis.

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Media Monitoring

Media monitoring refers to the activity of monitoring the output of the print, online and broadcast media.

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Press Release Dissemination

As the phrase suggests, dissemination refers to broadcasting a message or information to the public or the target audience through media.

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