About Us

PR24x7 is a creative communication Network. One of Best PR Agency in India. We are a collective of dream makers which includes PR Professionals, Publicists, Writers, Strategist, and Media Coordinators, dedicated 24×7 for you.

Do you have an untold story you’d like to introduce to the world but are apprehensive? You needn’t worry because you are at the right place. We are happy to help you strategically to present your story to the world, meet your objective, and create an impact.

Best PR Agency in India with more than

20+ Years of Experience

Our history is an unconventional one as it’s a passionate love story! A love story for the PR of our founder Mr. Atul Malikram. His journey began back in 1999. After gaining a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of PR, he decided to establish his PR agency. And, PR24x7 came to life. He had implicit faith in himself and continued his journey of struggle that took him to the top. Today the company has more than 200 clients and a team of 75. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to achieve.

Meet Our Best Team

The real people behind smoke and mirrors.

Ujjain Singh

Vice President, Monitoring

Parineeta Nagarkar

Sr. Manager, PR

Phool Hasan

Sr. Manager PR

Neha Gour

Sr. Manager PR

Meena Songra

Sr. Manager Finance

Akbar Ali

Sr. Manager, Crisis Management

Vikas Rajora

Manager, Crisis Management

Charul Vyas

Executive Assistant to Founder

Sansriti Mishra

Sr. Manager, PR (Mumbai)

Ravi Ranjan

Sr. Manager, PR (Bihar)

Deepak Chadha

Sr. Manager, PR (UP)

Chandan Chadda

Sr. Manager, PR (Punjab)

Sheela Rajak

Manager, PR


Sr. Manager, Client Relationship

Pawan Tripathi

Sr. Manager, Online PR

Rohit Singh

Content Manager

Awesome Team Skills

Our accomplishments lie in the skills of our team members.

Media Relation
Crisis Management

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We are like co-passengers who are always by our clients' side because their success is our destination.