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Ritu Rajora, President Client Service

Is first the employee of this company who has made a niche for herself in the field of PR and client management. She is committed and very strong in PR & communication.

Meena Gupta ,Sr. Manager Finance

Meena is focused on ensuring that all accounting practices and finance related issues are dealt in line with the laid down norms.

Ujjain Singh,Sr. Manager Monitoring

He is a specialist in the field of Media monitoring, he has been with this organization for over 12 years and manages a team of 45 across India. He follows the principle of any where, any time, any how- meet the requirement.

Parineeta Nagarkar, Sr.Manager PR

Parineeta has been associated with us for some time and is very professional in terms of commitment and quality. Her greatest contribution to the team is her ability to create the right strategy mix for the client's media campaigns.

Phool Hasan ,Sr.Manager PR

He is a reliable and committed resource, specialises in digital media. Month on month, year on year Phool Hasan is the Star performer of the team.

Vandana Vijayan, Sr. Manager Group business

Vandana comes with a background of 18 years in the industry and works on Marketing the brand and People management. She is very articulate and has a sound understanding of business dynamics.

Neha Gour ,Manager PR

A masters in Mathematics but a diehard PR person. She understands the concept of PR end to end. Has worked as a PR person on several projects to name a few channels - & tv, Zindagi and Sony.

Sansriti Dwivedi ,Mumbai Branch Head

Having 2.5 years experience in PR industries , Proficient at co coordinating and problem solving with an eye for details, had experience of Strategizing & conceptualizing the promotional campaigns, social, media campaigns, event coordination, content writing.

Akbar Ali,Manager Design

The Entrepreneurial spirit behind our venture. He is perusing his studies and has on the side bought together the concept, the team, its competency and garnered the resources to create this company.

Tejaswini Gulati,Head Maven Digital communication

She is Digital communication Specialist, helping firms looking to the future for their marketing and business processes . She is perusing her studies and has on the side bought together the team ,its competency and garnered the resources to create this company.